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Which country's citizens have the best commend to English? except English speaking countries

Why do you think people living in that country possess the highest level of English in the world? Do you have any personal experience or any evidence to verify your statement? Do you know how they teach their citizens or children to achieve so a high level of English?


Why Indian people's english is above average than other countries ? Does it result from this country was ever governed by UK ? Does Indian government take English as their official language ? Besides , what do you think of Singaporean's English?



Hmm since I don't know really about other non english speaking country, my answer would be Philippines. Students are taught in english from preschool to college. Everyone can understand and speak english except those who are uneducated. English is the official second language of the Philippines and it is widely use.

I'm pretty sure it's not Brazil.

In my experience it is, without a doubt, the Netherlands, then the Scandinavian countries. I've read that the Finns also speak excellent English, and I saw the English of a young Finnish man on this site, which was indeed excellent. My guess it would be the winning combination of the closeness of their native languages to English, (not sure about Finnish though), their superior education systems and the fact that they are all countries with relatively small populations, so they are exposed to a lot of English language content (their foreign films are subtitled not dubbed) and English is a window to the wider world for them.


It's usually the Dutch, my fellow Scandinavians and the Finns who tend to speak English nearly flawless English or without a noticeable accent.


However, I have met Dutch people who speak English terribly as well. But usually they are still semi-fluent in English anyway. It depends on the person too. Especially if they don't speak English often.

I am stunned about what Steve H remoarked. I really regarded most Indian people have good command of English . I speculate , as Indian population is so large  , so even 5% popluation can speak fluent English , that is definitely a big figure (at least 5 million people) . Besides , Indians who can speak fluent English are often remarkable and pose higher level in their society . Those people are often able to get decent job overseas as well . That could be cruicial  to mistaken Indian people have the best command of English . 


In terms of Hollands , I am impressed by Mark on italki .

I'd like to compare the English levels in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. In my impression, people in Hong Kong speak the best English. They can understand, read and speak English, even though not very fluently or standardly. I think it was related to its history and school education. For me, Hong Kongers learn English as a useful and kind of official language, and just a language. But, in mainland, we start to study English at a very young age, but I have to say, our English is the worst. I think I know the reason. We take English as a school subject and we learn it because we have to pass exams. We don't use this language at all. Lastly, I think Taiwain people pronounce English the best. I know there are many good English teaching programs produced in Taiwan, which benefited me a lot. So I feel that English is taught in Taiwan as a second lanuage, linguisticaly as well as practically. Learners demands and difficulties are taken into account.

People living in Chinese speaking countries are encountering similar problems in english learning . They have spent plenty of time in training memorization of vocabulary and grammar instead of practicing speaking and listening . I speculate that is the most prominent problem for them to get good command of English. With respect to Hong kong , I guess they have far more opportunity to practice their listening and speaking .


Is there any people who live in Hongkong can endow us more essential information about how they master English ?

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