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which animal is the best respected in your country or in your city?

There have many different animals are respected in different area and different country because of some history or realistic reason,you know ,in china,its dragon,even though the dragon is not a real animal,because in ancient china,dragon can bring luck for people.



I think the most respected animal is a bear in our country. He brave and strong



The cow remains a protected animal in Hinduism today and Hindus do not eat beef. Most rural Indian families have at least one dairy cow, a gentle spirit who is often treated as a member of the family.


The five products (pancagavya) of the cow — milk, curds, ghee butter, urine and dung — are all used in puja (worship) as well as in rites of extreme penance. The milk of the family cow nourishes children as they grow up, and cow dung (gobar) is a major source of energy for households throughout India.


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 talking about animals tame and wild . In school children are taught to respect all kinds of animals or all life forms with care and compassion. and probably the most respected / important one is our national animal  the "carabao" which is a worker that helps  farmer tills the land. and maybe next to it is a mans best friend

the "dog" as it guards our homes aside from being a lovable one. these two are mostly seen in houses or homes.



In my view,Elephants are the most respected animals in all the time.

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