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What is your idea about euthanasia?

Some days ago I watched the movie "The sea inside". It is based on the real-life story of Ramón Sampedro, a Galician ship mechanic left quadriplegic after a diving accident and his 29-year campaign in support of euthanasia and the right to end his life.

To me it's really hard decision!

And what is ur idea?



In my college writing class, there was an essay in my textbook about this. It was an elderly woman arguing for her right to kill herself. The last lines were something like, "please god, but bullet in my brain so that I may end this dreadful, pointless existence." His response, which I liked, was, "Could they possibly have though to something into this book that could possibly be more depressing and negative?". *laugh* Wow, 29 years he's been like that and his beliefs are consitant? I've read that people who become paralyzed initially are depressed and think of suicide but gradually regain their emotional equilibrium, even though they acknowledge this terrible thing that has happened to them. So therefore, this ship-mechanic guy might be somewhat of an exception.

euthanasia - a term used for mercy killing. done voluntarily and involuntarily by doctors to a terminally ill

patient / person. it has some reasons in deciding it. some to ease a lifelong burden . in some other countries it is legally performed and acceptable. to other parts of the world it is still debated to do or not.

if the illness/ reasons / and capacities of an individual was assessed that the illness or desease cannot be anymore treated and life and brain  not anymore fuctions for recovery then it is decided that the patient/ person will received an euthanasia .

I support euthanasia because everyone has right to decide on his/her life.

Well, its a difficult situation. In my opinion everybody would have the liberty to decided if you want to continue in this life. Is a moral decision. I agree with it. 

If we proceed in the direction of euthanasia, we had better proceed slowly and cautiously.  All too often a person's right to end his own life somehow expands into a family member's right to end that person's life; or even the government's right to do so.  When that happens, euthanasia becomes murder.

I remember now. We talked about this in my ethics class. The slippery slope that the "right" to euthanasia might be abused by, for example, a family "convincing" an elderly relative that they want to die when in fact this is not true, because the family does not want the burden of caring for the person any longer.

It should be legal, if the person is in their right mind, no matter what condition they have. Nobody chose to be here, and if life isn't fulfilling - it won't be to some people - then we should have the right to leave when we want.

Thank to all of you.
I read all the comments.Most of you agree with euthanasia and said that,because everyone should have the liberty to decide about his/her life. But do you agree with suicide? because in both cases (euthanasia and suicide) there is a person that pain.Is this liberty for all?

Everyone has the liberty to ending their life, but I don't agree with legalising Euthanasia for humans. 

It's too risky to approve of, and could be easily corrupted. They'd need to confirm if the person who wishes to be euthanised is in the right state of mind. How many people in their right state of mind wish to die though? Also, who will be the ones to confirm that the individual is in the 'right state of mind'? Family? Doctors and government officials? 

Consider this: [Inheritance]

Tom- a 99 year old man who can no longer move or talk passes each day sitting on a chair just staring out a window. In his will lies $3,000,000 to be shared among his children.

His Children, grown up and each with that $400,000 mortgage loaming over their heads for the last 5 years, that $89,000 debt owed to blah and blah and whatever other financial headaches one could have- perhaps they start thinking... day by day, the old man just sits, there's that large amount of money and the old man still hasn't cupped it yet. So what if they just pretend he signed it..? 

Then, hypothetically, the closest family members would be the ones to confirm if the one asking for euthanasia was in the right state of mind; the children and the partner. 


If you get what I mean, even families can corrupt the concept of euthanasia, so it is dangerous to simply justify. There are way too many risks to consider. This is not to say that I am apathetic to the elderly who have to suffer with many health complications due to their old age and therefore failing health. There was this case where a man, who was paralysed and in a lot of pain everyday asked his son to euthanise him. They had a very close relationship and the son loved his father to death, so he did it on account of his father's wish to end the pain. This man is now in jail. :(



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This is a topic that is great to debate, but it isn't that simple and will generate a flurry of severe consequences on society. Sure, a great number of people suffer because they cannot be euthanised- but is this worth risking the morality and safety of ALL of society?


On a side note, it will dangerously damage the trust and credibility of doctors. 


By the way, I just realised that a question like this is more suitable for um, probably a site like idebate- not italki where we're meant to discuss culture and language. It is interesting though :)

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