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Hi! I have a curiosity! What do you think about italian cinema and music?



I just know about the Italian yummy food :D

ahahahahahah...  It was what I feared! :)

Italian music is incredibly good. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can hold a candle to De Andre! And the Italian cinema is renowned throughout the English speaking world, but most particularly in Hollywood. Al Pacino & Robert DeNiro, two incredibly successful Italian-Americans, have always said (in interviews) that they've drawn countless amounts of inspiration from many old italian films, such as the ones with Marcello Mastroianni, Sophia Loren, et cetera. Also, Bob Dylan is said to have written Mr. Tambourine man after watching Fellini's "La Strada" and becoming inspired. 

In my country , we have scarce opportunities to watch Italian series or drama , however, We have more opportunities to approach Italian food . If you noticed any Italian movies favorable to us , you may recommend us to see .

You have cinema and music there???   Never heard of it.

i must say that i love Italian movies and music! My favorite Italian movie is 《La vita è bella》 and my favort Italian song is 《Torna a Surriento》


Italian culture was popular at the soviet time. Your artist used to visit us (but tickets were not avaliable for an ordinary people), movies were on the screen.

But today we know very few things about Italy - food and politicians:-(

I'll be glad if you recommend something from modern italian literature and movies!

Denis, you're right, unfortunately! Our politicians often give a bad image of Italy, but there is still something beautiful, in addition to food! As far as the film, it's not like the American one, but you can try to look at something of Tornatore or Sorrentino.


As an audio engineer in the U.S., Italian Pop can sound a little outdated. However, I've found that a lot of the lyrics are extremely passionate/sentimental or heart warming/heart wrenching. It is refreshing to hear. 

I like very much movies with Celentano, Sofi Loren, movies of Fellini, Pasolini. Monica Bellucci e bellisima donna in il mondo. Also we remember "spaghetti western" very well :)

Penso che Celentano e un cantante molto famoso in ex-USSR.

I have been listening to a lot of italian music 70s-80s, like Denis said above we grew up on this :) Have you something to recommend from the modern italian music?

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