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what can i do !!

I don't know what can I do for learn english. I live in London 9 months ago.But i spend my time working  and i don't have time for go to the english school . i'm Spanish and i live with spanish people. only speak english in my job. and always i said the same. Someone can help me for improve my english.? thaks



9 months? I think you had a lot of practice of it and now know it well ;)

I don't think so because i don't have time for anything.. Now I'm trying with Italki. Maybe with this i can learn more than now i know

I think you have a good chance for learning english living in UK. Creo que te serviria mucho intentar coachsurfing. Alli puedes contactar personas con deseos de aprender español y que hablen ingles. Yo te recomendaria que donde quiera que estes y tengas conversasiones en ingles grabalas y repitelas muchas veces hasta que estas sean tan naturales para ti como las conversasiones en español. Repetir muchas veces las mismas conversasiones es clave para que puedas hablar ingles de una manera sencilla y natural. Si por este medio contactas personas que hablen ingles, graba las conversasiones y trata de imitar la manera como ellos hablan. Tambien es muy util ver peliculas pero no toda sino pequeños fragmentos y repetirlos muchas veces hasta que sean naturales y faciles de entender. Yo personalmente hago asi y me ha servido la clave es tener paciencia y tu tienes una ventaja muy grande al estar viviendo alla. No tengas temor de los errores y trata de hablar lo mas que puedas, eventualmente con la practica podras desaserte de los errores, tambien te servirá leer mucho y escuchar canciones. Animos. 

I think your main mistake was living with Spanish people. We tend to get lazy if we live with people from our country. I moved to Paris and did a similar job to yours but I was living with French people, all my friends were French and I even had a French boyfriend who refused to speak English. This is ultimately what helped me become fluent in French. You need to find something to do in your spare time. Try searching online for language exchanges or check out Couchsurfers. Good luck!

I think it isn`t good for you to live with other spanish people because you don`t speak in english with they (I don`t do it...).

You can read newspaper every day with a good dictionary, listen the radio... and in weekend to stay with english people.. (maybe a boyfriend? jajaj)

Vicente : Thank you very much Vicente.I will do it !! Yours advices are very helpful !! When I came to London I watched the films with english subtitles and I wrote it , then I lisen it. I will try to do all the things that you has recomendated me. Kinds regart.


Katrina : I like the experience that you are living now !! You had to do it for learn !! A lot of people say me the same. If I live with Spanish People is difficult because I have to practise and is better with someone very fluent or native English.One day I hope can have the chance to do a good experience like you.I would like learn others languages, but at the moment I need English :) Thanks for write 



Silvia : I will take the newspapper every day in the underground jaja..

My idea was stay with some English boy but I don't now why !! But I met a Spanish boy.. And he liked me and now is my boyfriend ... So... jajjaja difficult

Hi,from my point of view, as someone said before it is the chance of your lifetime and it would be great to try to join with English people in your spare time. Listen English music, watch films in English and read too but above all, feel confident to speak in English 

I have heard some portion of people suffered the similar situation as yours . Some Chinese who have lived overseas for a long time cannot speak eligible English . Your problem is universal for someone who has obsession for improving English overseas. Definitely , you listening would be improved by a large amount of listening if you have to perk your ears every day and every moment  (that is the first IF) . If you have many opportunities to practice your speaking to share your ideas , your English would be improved without a shadow of a doubt (Another IF).   I heard some Chinese living in foreign countries do not speak Mandarin with other Chinese and do not live with Chinese . They are too extreme to me  indeed , but it can help them enhance their English expression effectively .

This is a problem faced by many Spaniards living in London. They tend to gravitate towards one another and never really make any British friends or join any non-Spanish speaking social groups. A very good way for you to counter this would be move out of London to a smaller town, but assuming this is not feasible, then the other solution would be to find a British boyfriend. This would not only allow you to speak English every day, but your social circles would change from being mostly Spanish-speaking to mostly English-speaking. This would help to completely change your experience of life in the UK. It would be hugely beneficial both from a linguistic and a cultural perspective. By dating a Spanish guy and by having predominantly Spanish-speaking social circles, you are significantly reducing your opportunities to improve your English as well as your knowledge and understanding of the host culture. However, if you plan to return to Spain some day, then a Spanish boyfriend may well be the best option for you. It really depends on what your priorities are.

What is your job then?

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