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Did you cry on the FIRST day of kindergarten?

I didn't, and my mom was so proud of me.

But her joy didn't last very long, I cried for the followed 30 whole days.



i did , i remember the day so well that my mother kept calming me down, but i just didn't listen


On my first day of pre-school I apparently climbed over the fence and ran accross the road. I had just turned four.


That was the year before I went to kindergarten, but if I did that I doubtkindergarten would have bothered me.


I don't remember either day unfortunately.





Pinpinjiajia, yeah children pay more attention to the effects of the tears, T.T unfortunately parents didn't understand how much we miss them :3

Jmat, haha you did that, this reminds me once I climbed out of the window in the bathroom when everyone was having naps and went to my mom. 


Where did you go?

I didn't cry. But I couldn't make any friends either.

I was just studing in a corner of the class and thinking nothing.I was the kind of kid xD 

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