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Is there a song make you think of the taste of first love

I am a Chinese, every time I hear this song when you are lonely you will think of who would think of my first love



Billy Joel--Just The Way You Are

"what do you do for money honey" acdc. hahahahahaahha I'm joking, I think "velah infacia" tribalistas. The song is in portuguese but if you want to know the lyrics in english just send me a message, I also can give you the link if you wanna listen it.


Can you share? I haven't heard of Portugal's songs

you are this way
a dream for me
and when i don’t see you
i think about you
from daybreak
until the moment i go to bed
i like you
i like to be with you
my laughter is so happy with you
my best friend
is my love
and we sing
and we dance
and we don’t get tired
of being children
we play
in our old childhood
your eyes, my light
guide me through the dark
your feet pave the way
i follow and never feel alone.

It's a brazilian song. I think it's so romantic the way they say "my best friend is my love" because a best friend is whom you trust more and "" my best friend is my love" means that the he/she is his/her love and also that there is full trust. I love that song :)

Yannick,The lyrics of this song I like, just don't know this song sounds

firt love is too far for me. but this song <Love Me Accapella> from Janice who is a Hong Kong singer can let me recall the feeling about the taste of first love.

You and Me  by Lifehouse ;) nice song, try it!

First love never die


Hello, Love Me Accapella this song, in the mainland's name is (love me) is a martial arts drama Pianwei Qu

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