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I'd like to know what is the opinion about the US people with the Syria situation?

Dear US friends,

I suppose that all know the critical situation that occur in the world. I watched many news about this situation, but I really worry about the decision that Obama President will do. Because, the US people can suffer many problems about this critical decision, and I think that US people don't want another war. What are the most important aspects that the government must evaluate to do a decision?

I hope to hear about your feelings and your thoughts.




What is Chile doing to help the people of Syria? 

Leaders make influence....good influence for a better world. for a peaceful world.they are the nation builders , the shield, the protector of the abused.

we are all taught to value life and all forms  with fairness and equality. who will protect

the people against harm if their own leader is doing a  lot of harm to its own . this is only my idea,that any abused of authority by the leader to its own people is to be addressed...otherwise the wrong action will always be repeated big or small. so it may not be  our concern but somehow , for the days to come it may happen again because the abused has not been addressed.

if you make harm to your own people what more to the others. so it is everyone 's judgement to


Yes, what do Chileans think about the way ASSad has been treating the Syriana people, the people his is supposed to lead?f  DO Chileans agree with the 100,000 or so people being klled by their own leader?  

Americans are split 50-50 if you believe polls.  A number now say "Let the rest of the world kill itself and it's children."  Others say, "Anyone who does not speak out and act to stop the killing if innocent is guilty himself."


I'm wondering if the world would be a better place if all of the humans would just die off and let the animals have their noble way with it.

I don't think there's anything wrong with his question. The US is talking about military action. No one to my knowledge is calling for them to act. 


I'm not American but I hope that they try to go through the UN. We all know how bad it went with Iraq, which I think is the main reason the British are reluctant to act unless the facts are proven. Putin has said if it's proven Assad used chemical weapons he would support action so although it's a pain and the US likes working unilaterally it should try harder with the UN.


It's very important to get the intelligence correct. Going in could escalate the conflict. Invasion shouldn't be seen so lightly. Also because no one likes to hear of dead soldiers I wonder if they'll do airstrikes which will lead to the deaths of more innocent people.


It's a horrible situation either way. Not acting might be worse, it's very hard to know.

Thank you so much for the great comments and observation given by you to the post. I really agree with comments mentioned.
It's very diffucult for me this situation because I don't have enough information to evaluate the real condition among different countries such us US, UK, China, and Russia among other important countries. Nowadays, Chile and any South America countries don't have any participation with respect to Syria decision, so we are only viewers; The main issue that I'd like to mention is about all international problems affect to all countries in the world; near or far away. Therefore, I'm very worry for the future situation. I hope that the situation can solved in the better way, and I wish that G20 meetings can analyze and figure out many proposals in order to achieve the world peace.

I think the war actually is not any kind of peace. USA all the time want to help countries, where they have some interes, where's the soberany of the Nations. I asked  is not  there another way for to help this people. Peacefull methods. I'm if someone want to help this people could find not only one method for do it, I'm sure looking for another way to solve this trouble, It's possible to find many.

I think Government of USA tries to make a demostration of his power... and is very curious, they make to believe for the soldiers they are looking for peace. Leader of nation in the past was going in fren of army, I asked, why new leaders of this nation send youngest to die. why don't this leader take the first place in the battle. 


I think youngs in every Nation need to go to school for to be productive. thera are many things around the war: bad and more bad, nothing is good. Death, genocide, polution, invest money in nothing, war is always so wxpwnsive, democracy? bah, respect to difference? bah... Emptywords. For sttoping people who pays for any kinds of war, we need to consume products in the market that they produce... Thas is a pacefull method for sttoping wars, in everywhere... without money for war no war...

I think those powerful nations must be able to find some useful measure to frighten Assad regime instead of direct military force intervention . Diplomatic measures , no fly zone or sanctions can be selected as a prospective method weakening Syrian Assa government . Military intervention could be the last resort for solution .

We are sick of war. We are so tired of being the world's police/parent. Fix your own damned country and leave us alone.

I am sick and tired of US government always excuse their military force by their intelligence . Never do believe what the intelligence tell you , they are used to telling a lie . I stand up for more prudent investigation from UN , once everything is verified , military , diplomatic or any other effective measure can  can be taken doubtlessly . Before your treatment for the patient , you need to do the right diagnosis , is'nt  it right  .

Most importantly , refugees in Syria or migrated to other nearby countries are a pity . The international cosiety requires to take more aggressive steps to help them out or keep from further slaughter anyway . GOD bless Syrians .

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