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Tips to learn Japanese?


I have been thinking about learning Japanese and i decided to really begin learning by trying to take a look at Kana first but i don't know how i could improve my learning methods, so does anyone have any tips on how to begin learning Japanese or is willing to be exchange partners?


See ya!



I'm learning it in school but I suggest that you find a language tutor who can take you through a course.

First you should master Hiragana like the guy above suggested, and familiarise yourself with the use of particles in sentences. Get to know how they use certain particles for different sentence structures. That way, you can slowly work your way up to writing, understanding and saying complex sentence structures. 

All this while, you should incorporate some basic vocabulary. Around this stage, I suggest you learn Katakana, as it is very useful for converting English words into your Japanese sentences. 

Also, once you have gotten to a more intermediate level, start replacing some of your hiragana with their Kanji characters. I suggest that you also look at and familiarise yourself with Japanese counters- because they have a lot of different counters for basically...everything. 

I like to split my practice for Japanese into: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. That way, you can focus on improving all aspects, so it wouldn't just be memorising vocabulary and sentence patterns. That's why it is often a good idea to follow course books and have someone to take you along with it, so that you can practice say for example, large texts for reading practice that has vocabulary that you have already learnt + new ones that they teach you with each progression. It is a good idea to speak out the text as well, so your speaking is more natural- or else it is hard to just think on the spot. I also get my teacher to make things up and say it for listening practice. 


Good luck on learning Japanese, it's such a great language! :-)

To make Japanese friend is the most easy way to learn Japanese as all the other language. This is because Language is the media for connection people to people. As you learn language from your mother at your childhood , you can learn the other languages from your friends. 

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