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Were you scared when you attended university for the first time?


I'd like you to recall your first impression when you became a student). What did you feel?



i think i am not scared,maybe i was a little excited.i like the life in the college where i need not study every day.


Yes I was scared of being pointed at by my lecturer to explain something that is completely new for me, especially when my brain is not ready to work and I don't have any idea regarding to his/her questions. 


Ella, it must be an interesting time!

I was excited when i attended university the first time,why should someone feel scared ?



but now I am used to it and not scared anymore


Emmaprayer,it's a big stress, everything is new. Some people have problems with adaptation. I guess, you are not one of them

my first day in a university's mixed emotions. excited to see the difference of High school and college

life. it is not scary...its a new experience in a new environment. its a professional behavior. a new kind

of responsibility.


I recall my first day in university was very challenging and promising as every thing around me was so strange yet interesting . I was prepared to welcome the future years for high education or approaching the new life . No scare came to me at that moment as far as my memory can reach .

Oh yeah, I remember it!

I took the wrong bus and I arrived late the first day of class.
I didn't knew anybody so it was a little tough at the beginning, but then it was fine. I survived :-)

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