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I want to go to Vienna and listen classical music ,what about you?

please tell me where are you want to go 



what you want is cool!

I want to go to any place far way of colombia haahhaha

I want to go to China to see how diferent the other side of the planet is. ^_^

egypt to meet someone

Listen to classic music is pretty cool. But tell me why do you want to go to Vienna? Okay Vienna is a nice city but for an European nothing special to listen to classic music. I mean it's not the place to be nor is it quit popular for its opera. Anyway Vienna is worth a visit and if it's your dream so be it :)

I'd like to visit the States. Call me weird but I'd like to see all these broad roads, big cars, huge amount of food, etc. Moreover I have a big interest in seeing a different culture and a different way of life.

I always wanted to go to Ireland's Gaeltacht areas. Try out authentic Irish food and beers, have some real "craic agus ceol", and check if their grass is as green as how we see it in pictures. Lol :P


I love classical music too but I'd rather go to Germany, in Laeiszhalle. I heard they host a lot of symphony orchestral concerts there. I'd like to hear Beethoven's Ode to Joy in its original German version, Ode an die Freude, live. ;)

Hello everybody! I'd like to visit small Toscana village near Firenze to breathe fresh air, try fantastic food  and touch the beautiful Italian culture

I want to go see the aurora borealis in Iceland, I want to swim above the starfish, I want to drive on Road 66, I want to fly over the Grand Canyon, I want to lie on a hawaii beach! I want to see maahl taaj, take a picture with a kangaroo in Australia, play casino in Las Vegas, see the Rio Carnival, a safari in Tanzania, spent a few days in Zanzibar, see Machu pichhu, rowing on the lake Titicaca, take pictures of the iguazu falls in Argentina.

I would like to visit London to personally see the Big Ben. It would be an exciting trip because I could practice my spoken English with native speakers. :)

I want to go to london.

I would like to visit the Caucasus Region: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

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