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Yoga. What is it?

The person before you reach the body of a human passes a series of lives in the bodies of animals. During the evolution he lives millions of times in the bodies of animals before deserve the happiness to be born in the human body. Living in the animal's body, the soul performs or does not perform the commandments of the animal. And all the soul in the body of the animal is not fulfilled, is transmitted to the human body as karma.

Therefore, in the precious human body detected flaws, imperfections from the time of life in the bodies of animals.

Shiva gave a method, as during a human lifetime to correct many flaws accumulated over millions of lives in the body of the animal. This method is called "asanas." Doing asanas, a person removes all dirt and seeds diseases that have long been accumulating in the bodies.

Question: Who was Shiva? God or a very advanced spiritual person? - Let it decide theologians. True Yoga is not engaged in these issues. Yoga - is primarily a system of self-knowledge, not religious doctrine.



Namaste :)

I don't knew that face of yoga but I believe in Karma (sometimes is difficult to pay mistakes from other lifes).I know the yoga is very good for the body and for to massage the organs. In my blog I´m showing something tips about this life form (and vegetarian too)if you want take a look I welcome you :) (in Spanish)

watch a video.. "spritual reality the journey within" search on google.. you  will found all of your answer and which change your whole life.. where you self realise the real power of yoga and sprituality :)

 to Lorelay

Thanks. I am lacto-ovo-vegetarian and i am practicing joga but regularly - recently









to Sumit malik

Thanks. I do not have a spiritual awe of yoga. she's just a part of my life.

In the West, yoga is just like a gym. In the EastIn the East, yoga has acquired

as seashells religious myths and rituals. but there is a median method of yoga.

India has retained yoga, but India is now turning to yoga buffoonery. 

when people, after two months of training at the ashram consider themselves

certified yoga teachers.











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