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Near to a new possible war in Syria, is the force always justified?

I would like to know your opinion. If this is an issue of what is right and wrong or merely about money.




This is a intresting question. I will give you my opinion for what its worth. Did Assad use chemical weapons? Its hard to know. If he did is war the correct response? That too is hard to say. I would be more convinced by UN mandated security council resolution. 

Air strikes would certainly help the rebels win. If the rebels win that is not necessarily great for the west. There are lots of Islamic extremist elements. Who would come out on top the democratic or extremist elements after the revolution?

Therefore I think we should not go to war because we could end up actually creating an extremist regime which actually wants our destruction (as we did with the Taliban in Afghanistan during the 1980s). 

Hi Raffaelle.... in my opinion it is a matter of  right and wrong. I hope it will not come to a point

to a more devastating situation.

it is merely WRONG - to use abuse of authority by what we call leader as in the case of Assad.

He used a powerful massive destruction weapon to conquer extremist without considering innocent

people/civilians. this is to be addressed to not be repeated again. I pity the early deaths of the victims.

merely Right to make war with him for an airstrike. it is necessary to stop the weapon of mass destruction. it is not right to involve civilians and innocent people just to scare his enemies.

not right to tell the world that he (Assad) can easily use such weapon in a blink of an eye.



İn my opinion all deads and all wars are evil. And none of al wars dont get peace in world. We can see in in Iraq, Afghanistan and the other parts os world.

For a long time there was a battle in Syria and thousands of men were killed. İ wonder why the world dont say anything and only they watched before using chemical weapons.

İf you kill anyone with a gun, it is not important; but İ you kill him with chemical weapon, İt is the cause of war. Dead is dead.   


I live in Syria, Assad Syrians killed every day, and the world is watching and is silent about his crimes, I read some of the comments and was amazed to speak an extreme that the Syrian people, I ask now what do you expect from the people die p over three years and the world is watching, the Syrian people is not angels, Assad used chemical and kill Syrians and Syria will remain a stain on the conscience of all humanity

a good from iran and as some one who lives in middle east when evet the us try to involve in our regions issues it has just made a bad situation unto a disaster...afghan people are really poor...eraqies are living in an unsecure situation...

saudy areibia!!!!shame on them their just americas slaves...

do you think us government can have a solution????the best obama can do is just not to do anything...

Kendell, I have been regularly reading Discussions on italki since last November, and have read hundreds of posts.  Your post is one of the most excellent ones I have read.


But shame on you, Fateme, for attempting to cast the blame for the tragedy and turmoil unfolding in Syria on other countries, while you fail to mention that your own government is lavishing military support, weapons, and supplies on the murderous Syrian government.  You have embarrassed yourself and your country with your deceitful post.  However, to others who may read my comments, I want to state clearly that in criticizing the Iranian government, and those like Fateme who slavishly parrot its views, I have nothing against the Iranian people as a whole.

Is this beautiful international language website really the right place to pollute with nationalistic viewpoints and rumors?   "All I am saying, is give peace a chance." (John Lennon, 1969)  

Sorry for the misquote.  The correct quote is as follows: "All we are saying, is give peace a chance." ( John Lennon, 1969 )   


Is there a way that I can correct my misquote of the legendary peace activist, John Lennon?

war is unjustified because it create danger to all huminity and leads to cruelty..

Shouldn't the United Nations first investigate the allegations of international crimes against humanity before any one nation unilaterally takes aggressive military action.  And if a national leader were suspected of ordering chemical attacks against civilians, then shouldn't the alleged international criminal be allowed the opportunity to have a fair trail which is conducted by an International Crimes Tribunal. 

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