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What time is it in your country right now?

It would be very interesting to know what people are doing right now and what time is it there.



In my country, Mongolia, it is 7:42 am and i am at work! :)


in jordan 2:42 am

In Brazil it's 20:09. I'm spending a little of my time on Weibo in English. It's a very nice social network from China (and it has an English version). There's many people from China (obvious hehehe) because in China there isn't Facebook not Twitter. It's interesting for who likes to meet people from other places.


Zaya, you should be working, right? hehehehe ;)

In Indonesia, it is 8:54 AM. We have only an hour difference ^^

in new delhi,india, it is 7:34 AM.

In Colombia, it is 21:20 now.

Wow, i am impressed that all of you guys are doing interesting stuffs at the same time all around the world.

Malik, we have 5 hours difference, right? :)

Alessandro, Wow, that means it is already evening over there (In Brazil), right? Yeahhh, i should be working and kinda afraid of thinking what if supervisor suddenly comes into room,hehhe. The funny thing is that the colleagues of me have no idea what i am doing here, hehhe


Lia, Yeahhhh, that is good, right?

Sumit malik, we have 2 hours difference! Cool!!! There should be very humid, right?

Sonia, it is good to know. How is weather over there? I heard Columbia is very beautiful country.

In Chile, 21:10 hrs.

In Morocco it's 01:12 am, normally I should be sleeping but I'm waching a Thai movie^^

Cool!!! How nice to hear from all around the world at the same time!!! :P

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