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I want to know something about accounting English and how to learn it well



Do you mean Business English or some aspect of Accounting?

I guess that must be abstruse and hard to be known by most laymen . I just learned one word "credit" .

"That bank credited me 50,000 for my new house last month " .

I don't know if this will help or if you will understand (i assume the account numbers are the same) but:

opposite of credit = debit.


Account Types:

1 account = Asset (Things you have)

2 Account = Liability (What you owe)

3 Account = Equity

4 Account = Income (Money income/comes in)

5 Account = Cost of Sales

6 Account = Expenses (What you spend)



"Profit and Loss" (or p + l) = Income - Expenditure - the 4 + 6 accounts

"Balance Sheet" = assets/liabilities/equity (1,2,5 accounts)



Debtors: People who owe you money

Creditors: People Who you owe money to.


I am not an accountant, but I do bookkeeping/ accounts work. Let me know if you understand or have any questions

Accounting English?  You mean English accounting terms?  I am a professional accountant.  If you'd like, I can probably help you.  But I'm not sure what you are trying to learn.

It is my pleasuer to learn it with you .I  do not mean the  English Accounting.

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