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any suggestion for a good movie ?!



limitless actored by Bradley Cooper.

Blue Streak

The Bourne Identity (and its two sequels, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum).

"Man on a ledge "


It depicts how a courageous security shows his guts and wisdom to turn down the whole bad situation against him . It is a great featured movie worthy to savor . It can inspire how bad some captalists are and how goodness your family are .

The Kite Runner

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind


The Lion In Winter (2003). Patrick Stewart and Glenn Close are fantastic in it.

If you like heartbreaking movie, I'd like to recommend you Grave of The Fireflies and Spirited Away.

They are Anime, and really touching,

İ am downloading Grave Of The Firelines. İ am going to watch it at night.

Thank you for recomodation. 

Hi Melek,

Dont you have any suggestion about movie?

You opened a subject and not to give any suggestion.

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