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How the ways to be a good writer?



If you want to be a good writer you have to know and study writing a sentence, paragraph and essay. then you should know about the types of writing (scientific, academic, narrative .....) Then you must read and read and read. read in the newspaper, stories, general books...... you will be improved soon.



One way to be a good writer is to eliminate unnecessary words.


Many learners write something like:


"Today I want to tell you about my trip to Paris last year."


It might be more effective to simply write:


"I went to Paris last year."

But, sometime i get a difficulty to make my writing systematic. How about it?

Thank Hani and James. Your suggest totally helps me. But do u know how the ways to read effectively? So when i read, i can remember my contents fully.

I love reading nineteenth century British novels so I will blame them for my overly complicated sentence construction.  I agree with Hani that reading is important but you need to read well written English that will be useful in writing clearly and concisely. I disagree with James when he suggests that less is better.  The sentence he cited only needs minor improvement to be far superior the simple one.  What is wrong with enthusiasm in a story?  A formal essay has a strict set of rules, but stories are a great opportunity to add feelings.  Newpaper articles suffer from "inverse triagle" methodology where the important points are frontloaded and the details trail off or were never there in the first place.  Effective reading begins with choosing suitable material.   I suggest nonfiction other than textbooks.  Choose a relatively short article and then skim and outline the article.  Pick out main points the first time though.  Write down unfamiliar vocabulary on the second pass.  Read the article for understanding on the next pass.  On the next pass, write down some of the sentence structure.  How many sentences were simple subject/verb/object?  How many were compound or complex?  Were there commands or questions in the article?  Move on to another type of writing an repeat these steps. 

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