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Hi.I've lately been watching friends. You've probably seen it too. Do you like it or not? who is you favorite charachter?



...Jennifer Aniston

really? I like her the least!

İ havent seen "friends". now İ am watching "dexter". when İ finish dexter, İ will watch friends.

Do you advice İt?

Of course! If you like comedy series, it's a good choice. It's much funnier than most of the series that are currently on air.

I haven't watched Dexter, but I've heard it's really good. is it?

FOr me it's the bast comedy TV show ever made. I Love The big Bang Theory (till season 5), but Friends is awesome, funny and well written from the first to the last chapter.


I wouldn't say I have a favorite character but I like Joey and Pheobe, especially when they are together Like when Pheobe finds a relative and goes there to meet him with Rachel and Joey. OR when Pheob is sends Rachel off in a cab just to be alone and scald Ross. LOL. Each of them have their special moment.

me too. I'm watching How I Met Your Mother too, but it's really boring compared to Friends.



I really like Chandler too. He was not only funny, but he also was really sweet. xxx

When it was first on TV (in the  1990's and early 2000's),  I was too busy to watch it.


Now that I am retired, I have been watching reruns of that show. It is really funny. The writers and the actors did a fantastic job.


I am wondering, however, if English learners can really understand every joke (even if it is dubbed in their native language).

Rachel, certainly!

i love it so much i actually  grow up with it . Rachel is the best . i love her and i keep watching her works .

"How you doing"

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