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Should we have only one language

In my opinion, Should we have only one language.

why we learn much languages, why we spend much time for learn languages, if we can spoke only one language. I know that different languages is a beautiful thing, but at the same time an obstacle in front of people communicate. I am ready to give up my language in order that the world speaks one language.

how about you?



I won't give up my language for the sake of one world language. Actually I am against the idea of a world speaking one language. Different languages make the world an exciting place and learning different languages is even more exciting.

No...because if there is only one language I will not have a job.

I like learning other languages but i don't give up my language

Imagine, if people around the world speak only one language that is LOVE or PEACE, then what a wonderful world we have.  If in that case, I agree. However, if one language you mean the official, dialect, or ethnic, well then welcome gloomy world every single days we ever breathe in. In that case, I disagree. 

If we speak the same language in this world, our life will be dull.


It would be too hard to have wars though if we all spoke the same language.

Language is a tool to communicate. The first purpose of learning language is to be able to communicate and understand each other better. So, if we want to know about people, religion, culture, etc, we have to know the language they used.

Yesme, I agree with you.  There should only be one language for everybody in the world to communicate with each other.  Humankind should break the curse of Babel, which is the Biblical myth described in Genesis 11:6-7, where humankind had only one spoken language until God cursed humankind with many languages.   

If we have one world language, then we won't need translations nor interpreters. And without the need of translations and interpreters, we can understand each other fast.  We will also understand detail nuances from each other such as metaphors.  This would decrease misunderstandings.  English should be the world language that everybody should use to communicate with each other, because most webpages are written in English on the Internet.  The Internet is one of information sources, so English has a predominant advantage over all other languages.  Therefore, English should be the language to replace all other languages.        

It could NOT BE  to only  one language to use. there would no privacy or secrecy . it will be chaotic. No race ,culture to identify. it would be hard to get influence and leadership for so many people to lead if we use only one language. so many language to learn is a challenge and exciting it is entertaining especially

the pronunciation. surely learning a new language makes you smile and keeps you laughing at the beginning. it is a worthwhile experience. a Language is to describes us set of rules that makes or signifies group identity, social strafication, cultural identity and its races. it goes along with our citizenship. so why think of only one language to use. it will isolate you, you will be deprived of innovations and technology.

learning a new language makes you smart and gives you a lot of confidence so why stick to only one language. be linguistic aside from being faithful, loyal  and  a nationalist of your own  country 's language.

if you really need to learn a new language such as the English language start from the basic, have focus

put it in your heart and imitate just like the learning of little children they listen ... and they learn.



I wrote an incomplete sentence in my above comment.  I wanted to write that the Internet is one of the most important information sources, ... ; but I only wrote that the Internet is one of information sources, ... .  

How can I edit my above comment that has an incomplete sentence, so that it is written with the complete sentence that I wanted to express?

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