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how long should it take to command basic vocabulary and grammar?

I understand that basic vocabulary is about 2000 words. And basic grammar are time structures, personal reference, and modality. How many hours should it take to command that? Is there any difference depending on the mother tongue?



In my vision , all sentences are structured by words . It is a would be work for you to master essential vocabulary . However , it is a quite complicated job as forget is your nature . The best way I can think of is to make sentences day after day to condolidate your memorization of words . Moreafter, your collocation will be improved by making different sentences in different situation . No body can guarantee how many hours you will command as it is combined with efforts , intelligence , environment , teacher ...etc.  You will find you are making a progress if you insist on practicing day in .

Hi Rodrigo.... here's my oipinion. you need a lot of constant gradual practice . here in the Philippines mastery of command basic and vocabulary grammar is a gradual learning thru skills build up. it is a component of  your  bank of vocabulary skill with mastery in multiple meanings of each word, comprehension skills (understanding with what you are reading) study skills ( meaning the habit of efficient reading ) and literary Appreciation skills

( understanding the expression used in the story, including understanding figurative languages, part of speech) and its oral interpretation skills ( listening skills) these are just some. of course it has  lots of differences, because for all we know we acquire learning thru lots of strategies and techniques, sometimes

we learn by just doing, imitating, observation and more so it will really takes time learning it is mostly on the learner to learn, focus, and put interest to it. some learnings are just technology approaches. it is on our part of how we are really going to help ourselves. anything you want to acquire put it into your heart and challenge yourself. you will be surprised of what you can do in the end.

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