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What was your dream when you were a little child?why?

What was your dream when you were a little child?I dream of a child to become a soldier because i seem pretty cool.His dream was to be a policeman when O'Neal was a child.There are a police can in his garage.What about you?



when i was in childhood " i want to become like my father.. my father is my role model i always want to see myself as a policemen and a national commando in NSG and want to fight with evil persons to save mankind" :)


Well,very common to Chinese people, my dream was a scientist who wear a white coat and have a microscope. Em,maybe the image of scientists impressed me a lot.

My dream was to became a doctor. But as I grown up I discovered that my maths is far better than my biology :P

I wanted a job without education. I didn't want to study :) School was deadly dull!


when i was child,I have a dream to be a doctor,because i think the doctor is great;

When I was a child I wanted to wander in the forests. I still prefer to do that.

Flying!, it was awesome and scary at the same time, (I guess because I flew way too high)


i dont know why in my country when i was still child, many child too always say if their dream were doctor, police, teacher, and pilot. just there, no more. i always think when i grow to be adult i scare to get a dream, it's to be different when i still child.

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