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Hey guys!


I'm here to be corrected, so let's start: I'm at home trying to do all my boring homework, workshops and researching tasks. Studying translation is something exhausting, just theories and almost nothing about language practice... I just would like to spend my entire life traveling, and learning everywhere about everything but to do it, I have to be a professional, and... make money. That's how works in my country. It's not like in North America or even Europe (I'm not sure) but there you can travel a lot, just with a waiter salary. Besides, the government give you the opportuny to study thanks to amazing scholarships. But well, some day will be the students and young people who will transform ancient thoughts and habits.




The situation you are describing in your post sounds like a nice dream. A place where you can travel around without having much money. Awesome!

To tell you the truth even here in Europe it's nearly impossible to travel without money. Let me capture your argument of free education. Given that it easily looks like here in Europe every student has an awesome life full of opportunities and freedom. That might be right for a few of us but definitely not for all. I know a lot of students who nearly have enough money to pay their rent and food. If you moved out at home to study in another city you need all the money to pay for your monthly fees and other duties. And please don't forget all the taxes we pay here in Europe. Compared to other places around the world it's insane what we are paying.

To make it short: Yes you can enjoy life in Europe as a student but it's a false dream to believe that you can travel inside Europe without having much money. Even if you do some couche surfing you need cash to get there ;)

Just my two cents :)

From my eyes, you are confused on some non-relationships ideas. To be professiional , to need money , to travel , these 3 ideas are natuarally non-relashionships. Without being professional and money , you can travel anywhere. If you have a friend and they pick up you via their car(and ship) Without being professional , there are a lot of ways to get money. In this world , most rich peoeple are not professional in fact. Then , I think you should think directly if you want to travel ..... 

I was missunderstood in some aspects. First of all, I'm not saying that money it's not essencial to travel, all people need money just to get a life. What I'm trying to say is that all become easier when you have  some supporting, in this case, education. It's thanks to that I could travel as exchange student. I got a schorlaship that allowed me to have a life experience. Now, I came back and I'm finishing my professional degree. When I finished it I could get a job as research student, teacher, translator, etc., even try to get a master specialization outside. Without any kind of studies,  here in my country, it's almost impossible to travel,  I meant to get out of your country and know reality, not just going out with a friend in his car.  In Colombia, the minimum salary it's just 270 $ per month. That's what people earn without superior studies and even, being professional you only obtain a maximum of 500 $ approximatey. On the other hand, a congress man earns almost 10. 000 $ per month. That's ridiculous and you have to add all the previleges, allowances and subsids, but that's how politics works all over the world. Anyway, just a comparative example, I have a canadien friend who earns 250 $ as witres just a night.  

So, more than travel, more than money and being professional, it's important to learn, to know your history and the global reality,  specially when you want to change your mind and then change the mind that you and many other people live in your own country. I speak about Colombia and also Latin America.  But well, I don't want to create a dispute here... I just ask you correct "gramatically" what I wrote (some paragraphs, I enlarged on) that's all.


Thank you for your comments !

I didn't want to say "change the mind that you and many other people live in your own country",  but "change your and colombian people life's quality for a more worthy." *

I think here in the discussion section is all about discussions. So why not talk about different point of views. It's nice to learn from you and see all these differences between my life in Europ and your life in Colombia. Thank you for sharing by the way!

There is only one thing that bothers me. In your post you said a friend of yours from Canada earns 250$ per night as a waitress. I can't believe that! No way at all. 250$ per night for 5 days a week makes it 1.250$ each weak. So each month she would earn 5.000$!? Never ever! Maybe she earns that in a hole month but not at one night!

AH OK John, I was just trying to figure out that section. I Haven't been online a lot of time ago. But I'm definetely agree with you. It's very nice to learn about other cultures.


The salary of my friend is true ! The matter is that she only worked week ends, and that was in summer when all people wanted to be outise.

She received 8 $ per hour, but with tips, (15% of the amount, the Quebec's tips are the highest of all Canada) the salary can reach nearly $250 per  night. It would be like 10 or 11 hours. Her work started at 6 p.m. and finished at 3 or 4 a.m. I couldn't work because I didn't have a work permit. Now you can work just with a study permit. That's amazing.

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