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How do I know when to use "est" and "et" in French?




"est" is just like "is" in English,and "et" is similar to "and"

"et" means "and". It's a word to link two or more things;

"est" is the third person of the verb ETRE (to be) :

- Mon ami EST grand ET fort : My friend IS tall AND strong.

- Il EST tard : it'S late

- j'aime la glace au café ET au chocolat : I like coffee AND chocolate ice creams.

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est : conjugaison du verbe etre au présent avec le pronon IL

et : pour lier les phrase


Note that the "t" in the verb "est" is pronounced in liasons, but the "t" in the conjunction "et" is always silent. (Strangely, the reverse is true in Italian.)


Example: Lui il est un ami ("He is a friend -- the "t" is pronounced). 

Lui et un ami (He and a friend -- the "t" is silent).


"est" 3rd person singular, present tense of être

"et" the conjunction (English "and").

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