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New Internet law in vietnam?

I heard that the vietnamese government issued new laws which prevents people to discuss political topics on the internet and that you are only allowed to talk about your private matters.

Is that true?

Does that apply for tourists as well? I dont want to end up in jail next time I am in vietnam and post things on facebook :)



If you were travelling in Vietname , I think you are obligated to follow local laws or you will be put in jail . Needless to say , it is too naiive for Vietname government as they cannot really prevent people from talking about politics . It is hard to track down the real poster as bypass by proxy server is easy . Besides , government cannot keep watch on every moment and every poster efficiently . If they could build a  great wall with high efficiency as China , to survey each message would be possible . Nevertheless , it  is pretty complicated to conceal all  information happened in Vietname .

I never hear about that, there isn't a law which prevent anyone discuss political topic. You can be discussed about politice, but you need a limit in contents. Don't let the goverment feel that you want to making people opposing state.

I am sure that you have heard of that saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans (do).


In every country, the people do (or do not do) certain things.


So when you are in that country, you should should do (or not do) certain things.


They say that Vietnam is a very beautiful country. So just enjoy the sights and the food.  Forget discussing politics until you return to your own country.

As far as I know, save for a number of famous VNese bloggers and journalists who had been writing numerous influential, truth-revealing and straightforward articles are already in jail, no common citizens are being sent to jail just because they post sth offensive on the internet.

So just be at home and enjoy Vietnam ^^

Thanks for the info. Well I just wanted to asked so next time I will be carefull when I complain on fb about corrupt police who trying to rip me off haha :)

But kinda sad that Vietnam is kinda following big brother China...

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