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Your dream destination

If an airline would grant you a ticket to a destination of your choice. Where would you go and why?

I would go to Ushuaia in Chile with my backpack and travel all the way up argentina, bolivia, peru, ecquador, colombia, panama and then to the Los Angeles where my parents live :)

I will for sure do that one day before I get kids and marry :D


How about you?



^^ You wanna go to quite a lot of countries in the Americas.

In the way you put in, you mean you have kids before marriage? =)


As for me, Israel is the country of my dream simply because it's where Jesus was born. I just wanna see, feel, touch, breathe the air and experience whatever is written in the Bible.


One day, I'll be there.

It's on my bucket list:D

I think i will chose a country in European, i think it can be Belgium, Italia or Germany. I curious about the life outside my country, i want to travel abroad so much, there are a lot of country which i want to visit. But when i have a ticket, i will chose the destination which i like but my chance to visiting is not easy. 

I think i will go to Greece,because in my mind,it's a place where has a lot of mysterious things and beautiful scenery.I want to stay in there and experience what they say.

Indonesia and/or Malaysia. Beautiful scenary but different culture and language. Definitely a must!

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