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The book named "interesting chinese around us"is well worth reading


       Recently i found some books about chinese reading and speaking.i realised thiese books are very suit for teaching and learning. next i will tell u why this material works well . i have three foreign students who learns chinese from zero .i taught them by using new books ,about three months they all can talk to native chinese without their mother tongue .

       Why i say that confidently?first,the name of this book is "interesting chinese around us".i was drawn into the name when i first time saw this doesnt like the traditional books just tell us how to keep in mind the words and the pronuncation .this book tell us talking based on talking environment ,very simple but useful.

       Now i am using this book teaching foreigners .maybe i can much give you help and become good friends during our class time .Thank you! 

       If u wanna know the detail information about that can connect with me by leaving  messeges or chatting though the skype ID is :yuhao.eric. i welcome u !



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