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Do you really agree gay propaganda among children?

The world communitie criticized Russian laws about gay propaganda. So, I want to know do you really like to see such actions and explain to your children that's ok to be gay? 




Hello Nikita, 


I belive that everyone is free to choose with who wants to share his/ her love. It should not be a big deal for us to understand that, and for children I guess it is even easier to see it, since they have not prejudices. I think we, the adults, are the ones who need explanations.

That´s my opinion.




Hello Nikita,


Do answer your question, yes I do agree to explain children that are different people around us, and living with us and amongst us there are gay people.


I think children like to be explained how the world is. I am a mother of a little girl, and every day I can witness that my little daughter like to see and understand what's going on around her.


And, what is worth for gay people, worth also for different people like whose who speak a different language, or eat different things, or act different.


Thank you for your question,

best regards, Snejana

Hello Nikita,

I have to agree with Natalia. I think not the kids need explanations, we, the adults, are the persons who have problems to understand and accept different life models. Personally I totally believe that you can explain children that not only a man can love a woman but a man/women can love a man/women as well. 

Thank you, Natalia!


I agree with you, and my question was, are the noisy parads help people to love each other? My point is people who makes speeches want to be famous, not to find the love. If you fall in love you needn't anybody in the whole world, do you? and my opinion is the gay relations at the streets is more politics than real relations.




I think what is being done in Russia is simply awful. The new laws have caused young people to be beaten up and even killed. How Russia's government can be happy this is happening, I will never understand. Such laws are completley unnecessary and very backwards. First, there is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian etc. Second, children don't have a problem with gay people, only adults do. All that Russia's new law is doing is inciting hatred and teaching children to hate and discriminate. 

Beth, I think you don't know the real situation. I advise you to have more talk with real people and less read your newspapers and watch tv. Please answer me, how you peaceful and tolerant society made and become make so many wars and hurt and killed lots of people? I think gay laws and other not important things blind your eyes and you could not see the real situation



Are you saying gay rights groups are lying when they say the new laws have encouraged right wing groups to attack people from the gay community? I mean you can't say the video footage of attacks are false.

You say to us don't believe the media but maybe you should examine how trustworthy yours is and if you would have this opinion if it was not your country. I understand it's not nice for lots of countries to criticise your own country it can make people defensive.

On gay pride marches - I've never been to one. I think there is a political element but that only stretches as far as 'we want to be treated as equals'. For a long time people had to be ashamed of being gay and still do. That's why they have the gay pride parades to show it's ok to be gay and have some fun with it.

Russia's law is an affront to the human rights of people all over the world.  It has opened the door to violence against gay people simply for being who  they are.  And it is saying in effect that ANY difference cannot be celebrate.  We all know of the oppression of other minorities throughout Russia.  This is just another aspect of that long sad tradition.

The notion that some can be "changed to gay" is simply wrong.  Nor can someone be "changed to straight".  Russia's leadership is showing how it rules not by critical thinking but by the whims of archaic religions notions and superstitions. The laws against gay celebrations, gay identification, etc. are a sign of a country living under the dark cloud of oppression.    

Just more tyranny from Russia.

The fact that gay pride parades exist proves the need for them. When these parades are no longer  something to protest against is when homosexuality will have been truly accepted into the world. Until then I will stand by my homosexual brothers and sisters. They should not have to hide their love behind closed doors. If you can kiss someone in the street, why can't they? Not so long ago, it was black vs white segregation, now it's gay vs straight. As you said yourself, if there are more important issues, why are people trying to fight each other over who they LOVE?! There's already too much hate in this world without adding to it.


Nikita, We are stardust is right. You should question if your media is showing the truth to you. I appreciate it's not nice to hear these things said about your own country. But it's the truth. The rest of the world, we see the videos. We see the photos of young men and women being humilated and tortured over their sexuality. We know about the vigilante groups using Russian social media sites to lure young gays in through promises of a date, only to then force feed them urine, take humilating photos with props, force the person to come out in public videos, to beat them up. We read the reports of the people who have died from their injuries inflicted by these groups. We see the pictures of police beating up protestors at gay pride marches.  Maybe you need to see what the rest of the world is seeing. What is really happening. These are the mild photos. The ones that can be posted on a site like this. There are far worse images, just let me know if you want to see them too.

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