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My job? My major?

Most of time, i will ask myself. keep my major or just ajust my attitude to my work. i cunfuse. Now, it's not easy for us to find a good job in here. Now,  i come to a cross road. i don't have enough courage to give up my job, but there no time for me to apply the knowlege of my majob. What should i do? time is the question?



If you have someting you really want to do , you should do your best for what you want to do.

However , if you do not have something you really want to do , you can do your best for what you should do. This is because you can prepare and wait  for the time you find what you really want to do. At least , I have lived at such a life.( ^ ^ )

Thank you! I will. Now, although i don't choose my major, i will keep it on and do it for myself. I know I will use it for one day.

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