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Are you ever feel LAZY?

What do you do when you feel so lazy to start activities? Study, Read, and Others



When I feel lazy the first I will get plan ... then I will do  my plan bcz plan is nothing planing is everything :)

I start anyway, because I know if I let laziness get the best of me, I will waste the whole day. I try to rest for 10 minutes per hour and switch activities so that it's not too boring.

How if taking a rest couldn't help you to refresh your mind?


I feel I am lazy always ,Why to be lazy is wrong ??  Lets enjoy the lazy life~~ because people sometimes have to face the difficulty unavoidingly.


If I get lazy, I'd try to sleep. It's the best thing to rest my mind and get enough energy. A lot of people are sleep deprived these days because of distractions of the new technology like on-line games and gadgets.

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