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what's the true love

I dont know what people think about true love. How can we know who is guy love you true when you have some guys who are chasing you? There are some guys who always said with you he loves you and everything is just saying, even he doesnt know when your birthday but another guy didn't say he loves you, but he always showed caring by real actions and always remember all everything connection to you even what's your favorites ( eg: he knows what kind of fruits, foods you love, or when you are sick, he will visit you or when you face any difficults, he will be beside you to help you, he always make you feel suprised, happy even you have not told with him what you want to have,...  ) what do you think in situation? 



follow your heart,just you know which one is true love.believe in yourself!

"Res non verba", in English "deeds, not words". That's what really matters.

The question is not who loves you, but who you love.

Or maybe you are just looking for someone who loves you, rather than someone you will give up your life for.

Then, it doesn't really matter whether he loves you or not.

But if you meet someone who you do not mind him forgetting your birthday, then that's true love. And the love is yours.

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