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meaning of love

what is the difination of love in your opinion?




My two cents, Love bases on believing, respecting, truth, each other. Love is to loved by other. When you love by your heart and your soul, I think your love is never died.

Caring for each other and not running away from difficulties: I think that's what really matters. Most of young people seem to seek passion and desire, though. But this fades sooner or later. is a mutual  respect and feeling for a  couple in love....caring, honesty, trust,loyalty for your love ones. faitfulness , trust and intimacy. nationalism for your love of country .

........... it is giving especial  loving tender care to the one you love.

...........  it is nurturing one another .

...........  it is giving sacrifice and responsibilty.

............ it is giving and recieving.

............ understanding the best and worst of your partner.

............ accepting your partners attitude good and bad.

............  giving unconditionally inspite of...



love is the powerful medicine in the world to control each and everyone to live peacefully.

thnx to all of you

When the very first thought one has upon waking is "How can I make my partner's life happier today?" that is love.

love is thing for everything

love = life

I totally agree with Michael 's opinion. There is not any perfect definition for all love., 

This reminded me of a song back when I was little.

Je t'aime, Te amo, I love you,

Watashi wa anata o aishite, Ich liebe dich,

Iniibig kita, Wo ai ni 

(They all mean "I Love You" - French, Spanish, English, Japanese, German, Tagalog, Chinese)

Kung paano mo man sabihin, ang mundo'y tulungan natin,

(It doesn't matter how you say it, let's help the world)

Ang tanging lunas ay pag-ibig.

(The only way to solve it, through love.)

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