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any suggestions for a trip to taiwan?

i m going to Taiwan for a trip. anyone has been there?    

the eastern taiwan is impressive to me. is it a good season to visit on october?

taiwanese here?  plz give some suggestions. in chinese is ok. (:




October is fine :-) Just remember not go have a visit in August or around, because typhoons might ruin your mood when travelling in Taiwan. However, if you enjoy strong winds and heavy rain like some of my crazy friends, then go ahead ;-)


Oh man! I love eastern Taiwan! The view there is drop dead gorgeous. Have an appetite for hang gliding over Huatung Valley? It's its season from April to Oct.

Thank you for your advice! :)


Taipei is a fun city.  I enjoyed going to the top of the Taipei 101 and the nightlife.  There are a lot of good hip hop dancers / poppers hanging around the parks downtown, if you are into that sort of thing.  It can be expensive to hang around the city!


Fulong Beach is a cool place to rent a surfboard and learn to surf.  There are also great places to rent bikes or kayaks.  It is very peaceful, but it can get boring if you are alone.


Hualien City had a great night market.  You can rent a moped from Hualien City (about $20/day), head to the store to buy some picnic items (store under the moped seat), and drive up Taroko Gorge.  The scenery is absolutely beautiful.  I rarely describe something as breathtaking -- the views are breathtaking!  If you feel like blowing something up, you can shoot off some fireworks by the ocean. 


Taiwan is a wonderful country!

October is OK as the winter is rainny and freezing here .Obviously not suitable to travel in the wild . What kind of landscape do you favor ? or metropolitan life is your favoriest ? Give me what you would like to savor and I can give you more information about taiwan .


An indigenous man who was born in taiwan .

Nice to meet you here, allen. (:

I'm going to take a trip in Taiwan for 9-10 days. I like nature, especially the sea view, sunset and something like that. So I probably will only go to the eastern side this time. But if I can have some time left, I still hope to hang around the taipei city as I will get on the plane at taoyuan airport.


Actually I am planning the route and collecting traveling information now. hehe. So it'd be really helpful if I can get some suggestions from the native taiwanese or other travelers who have been there before. (:


Joseph B is right if you'd like to relish the natural beauty of this land . The eastern coast line is worthy to travel and the central mountain deserves your tour. At these spots scattering along the coast line,  you may commend the pacific ocean freely . But I heard some natural landscapes were disrupted by several mudside disater after typhoons . It is quite regretful .

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