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What was the main complexity in learning Russian language?

May be pronunciation, cases or something else. I can make an example in learning English, most difficult for me is times. Where to put correct, because they have close meaning.


Correсt me please if I made grammar mistake))









Lerning Russian? Ufffff, you need to learn Russian alphabet, pronunciation is so difficult, grammar, no comment. For now I am making vocabulary and basic phrases but I think Russian is a interesting language to learn.

Well i guess the alphabet and the pronunciation can be obtained, but the russian grammar is a nightmare =))) but aside from grammar, it's a very interesting language. When i speak in russian i have such a nice feeling which i don't feel when i speak in any other language, although i speak four other languages =))

From the other hand the Russians know their language is difficult and respect foreigner who tries speaking Russian. Sometimes it is funny but usually it is enough to comprehend.

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