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What makes you happy?



My boyfriend and my sister, good news, dogs and cats, gaving gifts to people I love, music.

when i do very well in my life ,

some times i work for days and i am exhausted and my brain could blow up from the thinking, but strangly i am happy because i do somthing good, and the other thing when i am help other people while there are in trouble.


and when i make my mom happy,



Joking story

My girlfriend, my family, my friends, speaking foreign languages, making friends, reading, working, studying, teaching, etc.

Well.. let me think about it: Study with native speakers of english. meet interestinf people abroad, play footbaall on the weekends with some friends... stuff like that

playing guitar,hanging out with friends,going on a abroad trip and so on....

simply everything in life makes me happy

Thank you Melina, Alenka, Ibra, Amylee, Mathew K., Jose Dias Neto, Alexandra and Ali Ag! It's interesting to read different responses from the question above. I hope your happiness will stay for a long time.


Have a great weekend!


Robbie : )

my parents in good health

3 years ago thoughts.

be free!


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