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Please help me

1. Please correct this for me

a.They paid $25 000 for school fees, so they must work in a really long time to take their money back.

b. My probation salary is $400.

2. Is there anything difference if I say?

a. "I love the concept/ content of the film"

b. "My mom doesn't want me to get/ have/ keep/ bring up/raise a dog"

c. "The pay rate/ level/ scale depends on your working ability"

3. I mean if someone harms you, someday everyone will know. Can I say "Right is always right?" in this case

4. What phrase or word that I can describe about a man who always think he's right, although the truth is opposite. He's ready to argue by his utter nonsense word.





This isn't really "discussion related".


If you want corrections for a text, use the notebook, write an entry. 

If you have questions related to grammar, orthograph, meaning, etc., use the "answers" section. 


This looks to be a mix of both hehe. 

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