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What if tomorrow never comes?

What if tomorrow never comes?





Tomorrow will come, God willing. 

Then live today as if there were no tomorrow.

If you were to die tomorrow , you would not see tommorow's Sun  , then , tomorrow will never come .

tomorrow is coming and all the things become better.

lol,thanks for all of your replies.

If tomorrow is coming,then wake me up when september ends.



silly question ! we stay in today if tomorrow never comes .

Then I won't have to pay my bills. I can stay current.

some people say if we die tomorrow will never come but this is not true . tomorrow will come we are not here to see that .

Treasure the precious moment your are embracing and forget if tomorrow is coming .

Your question sounds like a good James Bond title. By the way, James Bond has an answer to your question, too. One movie is called "Tomorrow never dies". So keep calm and carry on living :)

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