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A Book About Your Life


If you were writing a book about your life so far, what would the title be?



I've spent my life like a warrior



Nice one Arwa, I like it!

be happy , Just smile :)

It would be titled "Whatever you do, DO NOT read this book!!"

I assume that the title will depend on age. The title of an young person's book, "I know the way", would be changed later by a mid-age man to "Is I'm missed a turn ?" and an old man would titile it as "The way just doesn't exist".

Goat Dreams


@Valentin: Hard words. At least the meaning behind them is pretty rough. Anyway, I got your point and I have to agree. Nothing in life comes free to us so I'm sure sombody's own perspective will change with age.


Now to me, my current book title would be called "Trouble always comes unexpected".

born to live ...


Such creative titles! I'm so curious about the Goat Dreams one...but I won't ask. I agree Valentin, the titles would change quite a lot over time.

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