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Talking is the thing!


The best way I believe, to improve your expression or sentences in English is not to learn the boring rules of Grammer but conversation. Practice talking is quick and memorable, but you need a mic and speakers. I recommend a Logitech C310 mic (includes a webcam, which we don't use). Conversation practice in English. Many people overseas want just to talk. Everyone around them talks their native language. I just want to help.



I also think video is not always necessary to talk . To approach a good conversation , favorable topics are essential to achieve good talks . People on the web can seek out interesting topics on BBC news channels . Random talking is not advised as casual talking can not bring you effective learning .

I agree with you but it`s not so easy.. I `m learning english since I was at school but I can say that I don`t know english because I`m unable of speaking english.. I try improve my english for myself..watching films and listening songs and tv in english... But it`s difficult, how you say..the best form for learning a language is speaking..always that you can..because the most important thing is the communication..

Bye!! :-) 

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