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Read FILIPINO/TAGALOG Novels to improve your skills!

Hello there! I'm a filipina and I'm writing simple novels with everyday discussions. I believe, it's difficult for tagalog/filipino learners to find simple novels because most of the writings were written in English or in poetic tagalog.


I hope my works could help you.


Just go on these URL : (Titles are written in English and some description but 95% is written in Filipino/ Tagalog)



And if you want to have some questions, let me hear ^.^





Kamusta ka? Ako ay isang pilipina na sumusulat ng simpleng nobela na mayroong pang-araw-araw na pag-uusap. Naniniwala ako na mahirap makahanap ng mga simpleng nobela dahil ang karamihan ay isinulat sa Ingles o sa mahirap ng tagalog.


Sana ay makatulong ang aking mga gawa. 


Pumunta lamang sa mga URL na ito: (ang mga titulo ay nakasulat sa Ingles ngunit 95% nito ay isinulat sa wikang Filipino o tagalog.


Kung may mga katanungan, itanong lamang sa akin at aking sasagutin.



mahilig din akong magbasa ng novel sa wattpad.. hindi ba masyadog slang ang tagalog sa wattpad for new learners?

@ Doris Day, sabagay may point ka. Pero palagay ko, ayos lang din kung masasanay sila sa slangy tagalog. But then , it is still up to them  ^.^


I have a read a few Tagalog pocket books...including "Diary ng Panget" slang Tagalog and few English sentences mixed in the author's writing throws me off. I am not up to date with modern Tagalog which is hard for me to read.


I am interested in top sellers from nationalbookstore but some of these novels I read have mixed reviews saying it is trash or grammar errors such as "It's Not That Complicated: Bakit Hindi Pa Sasakupin Ng Mga Alien Ang Daigdig Sa 2012" by Eros S. Atalia.

green you are right.. I don't know some tagalog novels have a grammar error.. maybe it is just a wrting style.. for modern tagalog people likes to invent new term, making a wrong grammar and mixing english and tagalog with a wrong grammar.. 

What do you guys think about the Ibong Adarna reading material? I remembered reading this in school back when I was 9. I think this one is more focused on literary Tagalog than colloquial Tagalog. Grammar wise, I think this would be a good recommendation. 'Di ko ngalang alam kong meron pang ganito sa mga schools ngayon.

Thanks jasmine. I have been looking for something like this. Tbh, all of the resources I use are very pure Tagalog. But when I try to speak to my friends they are like 'what? Nobody uses that word! W just say Englishwoman/taglish word'. Because I already know most English words, it is veya hard then for me to know what worlds are acceptable as tallish words, and tallish seems to be what people speak mostly. 


I agree, if you want to be a serious tagalog student, you need to stay on the correct material. Bit I will try reading some of these stories on watt pad, to become more familiar with the speech patterns and common taglish words

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