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Obsesión idioma


Who else is sitting at his or her computer this Saturday night studying a foreign language?


....o en español.....


¿Quién está sentado en su computadora este sábado por la noche el estudio de un idioma extranjero?



Well, I'm now doing some corrections but I've studied a few hours today. Cheers!


Hola Fernando.  ¿Qué tal?  As we would say in English, you are the Man!  No one devotes more time and care to sharing Spanish with the rest of us.  You have my admiration.  Qué tengas un buena noche.

Thank you so much for such beautiful words, Ed!


Have a good night you too!

Ed, maybe this is what you wanted to say:


Who else will be sitting at his or her computer this Saturday night studying a foreing language?


Quién más estará sentado en su computador este sábado en la noche estudiando un idioma extranjero?

(Future time)

I think that we are many :).


Creo que somos muchos :).


As the Michael Jackson song says "You are not alone"

I think every day more people are really engage with languages. I started to learn English seriously one year ago and when I able to speak with another person for me it's like a small miracle. Last day I told my cousin that speaking with another person in a language that is not mine is like drive a F1 car. So for this reason I suppose for me is very stimulating to be a Sunday learning languages. 

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