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What do you think of parents who are over protective of the child?

my parents did.



it is a way they show love to us.

Worry is such a Thief, it eats one's heart
What can the poor doctor do, How far will his medicine reach?

so, our parents are the best gift for us till end.. they protect us from any evil, sacrifice for us whatever cost they have to pay, they teaches us morals and ethics which helps us for the whole journey of life...

think the situation of " children whose parents are not with them ?? "  what is the value.. :)

I really don't like that,but I konw that's because love,I can't refuse

My parents isn't over-protecitve. They love me too, but sometimes i feel lonly and they protecite me. If your parents are over-protecitve, i think it's the way of love. If you don't need it, you just to say:"mom, i had grew up!". that's OK.

You will never understand what parents do and how they feel about their kids untill you become a parent.

comment from Sumit successfully made me cried. thanks :)

and also for all, thanks for advices.

paretns should not be overprotected.. They should also let their children explore the world and learn from their mistake.. Parents are only to guide their children not to rule over them. They have their own life someday they will be living by themselves they should know how to be dependent and confident on their own .

I can understand this kind of parents, their thoughts, but I think it is very important children learn to take their own decisions. Choosing is part of our life. If I can't decide about my own life, in the future I will not be an independent person. Besides, unfortunaly, I think we only learn from our mistakes.

In case you were an adult , you would have the right to decide what you should do . If only you can decide what you can do , it does not matter if your parents are over protective of you . Otherwise , you are an adult requiring more steeling .

it's understandable, they just want to protect us from harm ,they love us for as long as they live .

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