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What do you think about the US military action against the Syrian regime? Do you agree with it or refuse it?



Totally protest! The innocent can't be hurt anymore! They deserve to have a better life...War just makes it worse ((

I dont think  so that  purpose of  US military   just  saving  lifes  or  stopping that war ...  if  their only purpose  is saving lifes   I agree...

This action will cost many life of innocent people, thats why i'm in disagree! I wish the day when nations stop founding stupid reasons for fight, and proclaimed "war is over"

Good question..


"War in necessary evil" Now USA is on its feet to declare war Syria. 


There are very serious allegation against Syrian regime. Use of lethal chemical weapons such as Sarin on innocant people you shouldn't be tolerated at any cost.


The USA shouldn't forget its Iraq war experience as well as its consequences. International peace and tranquility is also most important.  


Hence, the USA must be very certain about the truth before taking military action. It must wait for the report of UN investigation team.  


If report is against the Syrine regime, then the UN must use its muslce power change Syrian regime and facility for new Election and USA must work with the UN.


If report is not against the Syrine regime, the world leader must sit around the table to find political solution for the present crisis. I know this is tough but for the sake of Syrian people, innocent children, helpless women, world leaders must show thier will power to calm down the unrest Syria.  


Thank you. 

It's true that syrian regime iss out of control, but is war the only option for get a solution to this crisis?...there is not an other way?

There's no proof that the Syrian regime is really responsible for the use of chemical weapons.. In my opinion it's the same like Bush claiming Iraq is in the possesion of weapons of mass destruction several years ago but those haven't been found yet. The situation in Syria seems similar to me, just another reason to start another war

There are certain and right reasons to require the intervention. Essad must be ousted as soon as possible. They have killed their own citizens inexorably. It's also incorrect to keep quiet for such a bloodshed, including toxic chemicals. So I agree with political standpoint of USA.

I am against the war on Syria because it will lead to a third world war because the strategic allies of the regime will not abandon him easily and Syrian President with his allies have arsenal massive military is ready to hit many countries, such as Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia I live in Jordan, and I know a lot of details so I do not think that there will be war

I feel sorry when i see the children in Syria.

In this context, the opposite of 'agree' should be 'disagree'.  It is better to use this word than 'refuse'. 'Refuse' is a different context.  I can see why you picked that though.

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