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What does a smile mean for you?

When you meet someone that you know or even a stranger, then she/he is smiling at you. What will you do? What does a smile mean in your country?

In Indonesia, we always try to smile to everyone we meet, even to a stranger. 



A smile means "Hi" or "How are you?"

I will want to konw him

In Vietnam, A smile means " hello". And it is very in a friendly way to make a friend.(^___^)


I think smile has the same meaning all over the world. It always means that you like people, you love life, you are an optimistic person. It is a greeting language which all humanbeen understand.

It is really hard to understand what is the idea behind smiling . smiling in deffrent situation have diffrend meaning . 

when u see an stranger starts his conversation with smile it mean that he is a well-greeting person . he has a high power of making friend and he is good in social performance . 


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