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Hey can anyone help me which are good places to visit @ chendu...



I'm living Chengdu now.Chengdu has many places to visit.which kind of place do you like.tell me and I give you a list.

I've lived in Chengdu for a couple of years. What kind of "places" are you talking about? Bars? Temples? Shopping? Or perhaps you're referring to places around Chengdu? 


In case of the latter, I'd recommend you to go to Emei Shan, Jiuzhaigou, and if you got time, Le Shan - in that order. 

emei shan and jiuzhaigou is nice place,but definitely there are not in Chengdu.considering size of this province,those places are exactly not around chengdu.But they are nice place.just like Langzhong,Langzhong is a good place to visit's a historical city with historical buildings.and most of those buildings really built in hundres of years know that?there are many historical cities here.but many historical cities have no real historical building.they just have a historical name.but buildings in langzhong is historical really.

just learn how to eat and visit

communicate any young when you need help

Come to Guangzhou. It's a nice place also :D


I'm a Chengdu girl, if you like history you can go to visit Kuanzai xiangzi, Wuhouci and Jingli. If you'd like to go for a drink, you can go to Shamrock, beer nest. Of course you should go to panda base.

you can visit to Qingdao ,It's a beautiful seaside city,and i can help as  a guide.Please go  go  go.....Waiting for you in Qingdao


Chengdu is really a good place. I will go to Chengdu next year and I have friends there. Looking forward to this trip. 

Definitely visit the panda research centre!! It was one of the highlights of my time in China. 


Also as someone else mentioned, Mt. Emei is great! That's in Leshan though, which also has the Giant Buddha. I think it's a worthwhile trip. 

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