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Ganesh festival


Today is Ganesh (elephant head god) festival is starting in India.It goes on for 14 days.Ganesh is the god of wisdom.Before starting any important work we pray first to lord Ganesh. There are many mythological stories about Ganesh.He is son of Shiv and Parvti.



Can you tell us more about the festival ? How long it lasts ? What do you do ? What's the significance ?
Or can you tell us more about those mythological stories about Ganesh ?
I'm really interested !


Thank you for sharing your culture with us!


Sure Magali,Ganesh festival lasts for 14 days.First day people bring Ganesha statue to their home.Ganesh can stay for 1,3,5,7,or 14 days.When you bring Ganesh home you have to perform proper rituals morning and evening.In Mumbai its really big.Actually it was revive by freedom fighter "Tilak".Through this festival he wanted to spread nationalism and pride among Indians.Mythological stories are bit long and little complicated.Are you familiar with Indian mythologi ?


You are welcome Sonia!


very sorry. Ganesh festival last for 10 days not for 14 days . It was a mistake

Anita, I already know some stories involving Indian Gods. I knew a few ones with Ganesh, but I'm always eager to know more, to understand why he is such an important God.


I know that he is the son of Shiva and Parvati, how Parvati made him, how Shiva decapitated him and replaced his head with an elephant one,

I know that his fellow friend is a mice called Mushika, that he once felt off from his back, broke one of his elephant teeth and the moon laughed at him,

I know that he wrote the Mahabharata (under the dictation of Vyasa) with that same broken teeth (am I right ?),

that his brother is Skanda/Muruga/Kartik?, that when asked to make a race around the universe, Ganesh justed turn around his parents (how lovely is that!).
I know that he likes sweet very much, but I don't know why, and that removes obstacles, and I don't know why either.

Joining in with Sonia, thank you, Anita. I haven´t known, while I don´t know why but at the moment Ganesh is my favourite one among Hindu Gods. I don´t know that much though still.  Magali thank you for sharing that too.


Its very impressive Magali :).Mahabharat is a great Indian epic.There is one saying about Mahabharat-----"whatever in the world, its in Mahabharat and if its not in Mahabharat, that is not in the world.Do you know why Ganesha written mahabharat with his broken tooth? :)I also don't have very clear idea about Ganesh worship and when really its started because there is no mantion of Ganesh in Vedas.


Kesina,its very intresting to know how foreigners are liking our lord Ganesh.I think he is the most popular god among all :)

Actually I quite don't understand how one can write with a teeth... Did he use it with ink like a fountain pen ? Or was he carving on something ? Or has it got some magical power ?!

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