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Time Travel


If you could travel through time, would you want to visit the future or the past?



I'd like to travel to the past. Because I will be in the future anyway, but not the past. I have some decisions need be corrected too.


Yes wouldn't it be great if we could go back in time and correct some previous decisions?  They say hindsight is 20/20.

I want to visit the future time. I will make more efforts and live with all my body and soul.

I already know about the past.  I'd like to go to another planet inhabited by life forms that would accept me.

I already travel to the future every day. It's no big deal really.

If I could travel to the past. I wish I were in the Middle Age, because I think it was a very important time with a lot of adventures, swords, wizards, dragons.

I want to see what the future looks like, maybe i can bring a new invention and become the greatest inventor of my century ;)

I would live willingly in the past because i am scared of the present and above all of the future!!!

strongly future. seeing my future husband and child is an intresting thing that I think about it every day.


There is that risk in going to the future that you will not like what you find.  I would be curious though.  As far as the past, can you imagine going back 200 years ago with an iphone?  People would think you were from another planet.

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