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Namaste. I'm looking for a Telugu tutor but I cannot find anyone with a teacher profile. Is anyone interested? I want to take at least one time each week (maybe more, depends). I would prefer to schedule the lesson and pay through Italki for ethical reasons and to avoid confusion. So, if you are a Telugu speaker and would like to teach, I urge you to apply for a teacher profile through Italki, let me know, and I'll schedule a lesson with you.








hai if u have any doubts ask me i will help u with learning telugu but i am not tutor i am good at Telugu and English so u r free to ask any doubts


if you are interested in learning telugu 
then schedule classes  

Telugu is actually a mother tongue for me. you can see that i am from vizag (ANDHRA PRADESH) and i am a native speaker. we have telugu as our first language. and yes i am here to help you out if you are willing to learn.

I can help you in learning telugu because it's my mother tongue and you should have passion to learn it because it's that easy all the best

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