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Why do you learn Russian?

I'm really surprised that so many people interested in Russian language and Russian culture.In Moscow I  often  meet foreigners, even in the cold season (like winter).Its great! Welcome in Russia)




I learn Russian because both my parents were born there. It's the best way to keep my roots,and to honour my ancestors. I'm interested in everything about my historical motherland.

i am not learning Russian, but I lke their accent...., with very clear rrrrRRRRRrrrrr :) , I have a Friend from Russia....

It's part of my heritage on my dad's side, and it's one of my dreams to go to visit Moscow and St Petersburg, as well as some cities in Ukraine. I would like to speak some Russian before I go there some day.

My dad's wife speaks Russian so I thought it would be a good opportunity since I will have someone to practice speaking with :) Also, I want to know when their kids are telling me off. They just had a baby and want another and if they are anything like my other brother, they will be a handful :/


I am studying Russian since 2 months ago, it's very interesting the pronunciation, alphabet, but grammar is very hard, writting and talking in Russian, uff......., I need to config my keyboard to write.


For now I can say привет, как дела?, Как тебя зовут?, меня зовут Alberto. I need more practice to can write and speak in Russian. I have no time because university keeps me busy :(


I am learning Russian because I am in love with it, simple as that. I recently lived in St. Petersburg for 2 months and learnt so much Russian there that it's hard to let myself leave. But I had to leave for visa reasons, and now I am learning Russian every day just to remember the wonderful time I spent in Russia. 

Я учу русский язык из-за разних причин. У нас в Германии живут много русскоговорящие люди, так что я рад каждый раз когда их понимаю и когда могу практиковать язык. Кроме того, мне интересно узнать тоже землы где говорять русски. Я очень люблю путешествовать, и тогда конечно легче когда человек может говорить. Для работу тоже не плохо знать другой язык, но я бы не сказал, что поетому учу. Надеюсь, что ето, что я писал, все понятно...

I found cyrillic in one of Walt Disney Magazine when I was teenager and learned English. I even forgot it until two years ago I found it and love it not only as a language but also all about it as if my half soul is in Russia somehow. I never regretted the day when I found it.

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