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Could you guys recommend some books to me? I like reading novels. 



I am not sure of your level of English or topic preference, but I enjoy reading novels written by Sarah Dessen or Ellen Hopkins. Ellen Hopkins' books look very large and long, but they actually aren't since the words are organized strangely on the page.


If you are looking for more elementary novels, I enjoyed "The Babysitters' Club" as a young girl. They are great beginner books and, since they are an old series, they would be fairly cheap on amazon or ebay since they are so old.


Sorry if none of this peaks your interest, I wasn't sure what genre you prefer or level of reading you're at.

Hey, thank you for your recommendation. Now I am reading "The Island" by Vistoria Hislop. I do not know whether you read it or heard of it . If you do, can you recommend some books as a little bit higher level of as this one? For topic, I prefer story telling type. Otherwise, it may be too difficult for me to concentrate and understand. Thank you again!


When I was learning English, I had to read "Great expectations",by Charles Dickens, and "The sandcastle", by Iris Murdoch, for an examination.

I can recommend you "1984", and "Animal farm" ,by George Orwell.

Howards End.E.M. Forster.

Sorry if ist's not what you are lookig for,best wishes!

Thank you so much! I will check it out! : )


This is very entertaining and easy to read :)


In English, you can read fashionable books like Harry Potter, Twilight, or books from Meg Cabot.

It's always good to read books for teenagers because it's well writen and generally easy to read.

But I also like Douglas Kennedy and Harlan Coben...

You can also read books you have already read in your own language and liked !

Have fun

Hi. I do enjoy bolks on relationships and marriage, also books on youths and books on personality. So, if you do enjoy these type of books I'ld suggest you go for writers like; Randy Alcorn- Pro Life Answers to Pro Choice Arguments, HEAVEN.

Dr. David Jeremiah- Life Wide Open.

Myles Munroe- Rediscovering the Kingdom.

Dr. James Dobson- Love Must Be Tough.

Tim La Haye- Why You Act The Way You Do.

Peter Stow- Youth in the City.

John & Stasi Eldredge- Captivating, Wild ar Heart. I hope tou find these books inciting.

Maybe you read before but i recommend ''The Kite Runner'' ...


good times

There's this site called Goodreads where you can find heaps of English literature, reviews and stuff :) hope it'll be useful to you as a guide: 

I'd personally recommend 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' (by Oscar Wilde) though! 

anything by Shakespeare would be great and fun ! 

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