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Do you think being a procrastinator is a serious problem?

A procrastinator person may be face problems caused by this trait. On the other hand due to the obligation of doing things, being organized isn’t easy. In other words, if you want to be organized, you usually do things since you should do them not necessarily because you are interested in.
If we want to be assured that a task will be done on time and perfectly, we had better have plan for it in means that we should be organized. If we postpone doing the task or don’t have specified plan to do that, at least we cannot do our best. But in my opinion one of the most striking differences between humans and machines is that we have emotions and we like something and dislike something else. We should enjoy our life. Although it is needed to try to do things perfectly and on time, what we do is very important.
So I think being procrastinator can be a serious problem, however being organized without considering emotions is not eligible. So besides we should have plan for our tasks, our plan should have enough flexibility and include our interests.



I think it's not a serious problem as long as you haven't serious consequences from it. I think that all people are lazy and have problems with discipline but it's normal, thus we can enjoy our life. I suppose if some person has a real problems with the time planing he try to select the corresponding life conditions, I mean things like the job with low responsibility, agile schedule and etc. I know a some people who I can call a great procrastinators and they are very successful persons at the same time. I agree that excessive planning is the other side of the coin. It makes people similar with machines and prevents life enjoying.

Procrastination sparks creativity..

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